How Do You Live A Healthy Life?

After years I finally decided to live a healthier lifestyle training for gains and changing my nutrition this past month. I learned that not only do you feel better, look better and eat better but you also become a great cook through this process.

A lot of people I’ve talked to are too scared of letting junk food or tasty unhealthy food go but to be honest there’s so much variety with healthy foods you can combine and you Brandon showed us an amazing way healthy foods can be made, not only that but a lot of other trainers make it seem like you have to be on a super strict diet By the minute and etc. When in reality it’s just knowing what to eat at the right portions during the day.

However, there is no conclusive clinical evidence to suggest caffeine causes adrenal exhaustion. At this stage it is an only a hypothesis. Actually, there is no scientific evidence to even suggest that adrenal exhaustion is a physical disorder. That worn-out feeling can be linked to stress or due to other medical conditions. Some people don't tolerate caffeine (ibs or intolerance) and that could make then nauseas and maybe a bit sluggish.

Working out is not a problem for me, I do it 6 days a week, HIIT, strength training etc. the problem is my food! its not unhealthy food, but I'm southeast asian, and i eat noodles for lunch, rice for dinner, sometimes even for breakfast. i live off of carbs and even though i want to change my diet to low carb, I cant. I live with my family and I have to eat whatever they eat. any advice on how i can improve my diet despite that?

Personally, I drink water every morning, have green smoothies pretty much daily, exercise 5x a week. Where my struggle lies is with food. I'm learning to see food as fuel first rather than for pleasure.

I finally found something I enjoy and can keep doing multiple times a day: swimming, aqua jogging and aqua aerobics. I hope it will actually contribute to me losing weight.

I have several alarm clocks which go off at 7 am then run all over the house so it's impossible to snooze, the only way to do so is to walk all the way to the food bowls and fill them up. Yes you guessed it, my cats. I've discovered your channel a couple of days ago & being someone who loves anything colorful I found myself drifting towards monochrome things, you are very influential & beautiful.

If you're adding in a banana, make sure that you pulsate blend the smoothie. Blending consistently will aerate your smoothie and cause additional bloating. And for banana nice cream, I just freeze bananas and make it, then eat. I don't like to refreeze.

Foam rolling does not release muscles nor anything else, the effect comes from a temporary change in the nervous system (neuromodulation) and just like stretching, it probably doesn't prevent DOMS, but what does is a good active warm up.

I've been told that you only need 10 minutes of sunlight (actually being in the sun) per day and anything over 10 minutes is what you DON'T need. And you're in the sun for 10 minutes easily without even trying to. So when you go out and sit in the sun it might not be as good for you as you think

I always drink plenty of water. While I've never been a coffee drinker, I have been getting into green tea lately. It has a lot of benefits but I'd like to cut back and opt for hot water instead. I also try my best to stay away from processed foods and get plenty of rest! Dimming the lights and avoiding technology at least an hour before sleeping really helps me.

Does anybody have any suggestions for some who can't change their diet? I am still a minor and my family can't afford healthy food, as it is pricier than most other foods. We have a gym membership but I always feel like I don't know what I am doing…Basically I am looking for an at home workout that will give me results (I want to lose weight) that doesn't require changing my diet.

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