Spiritual Challenges In Life

Thanks it’s true, we need to have self discipline, we have to take good care of this borrowed temporal body so we can serve GOD while we are still healthy cause, sooner or later we’re gonna return to dust and those who received and believed in Christ Jesus with inherit new spiritual body that will never get spoiled anymore…unlike this body we have when we died the flesh will be rotten…people please believed in Christ before it’s too late for you…cause, there’s no time for people to repent when they died here.

We can do nothing without Christ, the world and the worldly will not teach you this . No man is perfect so how do we teach and train ourselves to be perfect? This can only come from God threw faith in Jesus Christ. You can settle for soul management which is not change or we can seek the blood of Christ for soul transformation by the grace of God threw faith in Christ , who sits on the right hand of God ruling all of creation.

Read the Holy Bible, why do you think it is the most popular book in the world.Get the Holy Spirit to help you understand what the bible is trying to tell you.Do that by asking the Holy Spirit to come in to your spirit do that by asking Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and have a relationship with him, and don't turn it into a religion.

Find the answer to the question “ How do I get to Heaven” then you will be able to understand who and how a person is able to change and become perfect and have joy, peace and true purpose . It’s is impossible by our own strength but with Him all things are possible.

I believe in god and god only. I will put god before myself. And because of that I see people only thinking about their selfs and their careers and forget about others. Even their own children come on 2nd place. In some way this video is good. But most people will not get it. We live in a society where we laugh to each other but don't give a shit about each other. Their is no time for each other. If we really support each other and love each other then life will be great.

I'm going through self discipline right now. I quit social media two weeks ago, doing my best to not eat junk food, I changed to meditation every morning, eating healthier … more veggies and fruit, also got into the habit of reading every day and started exercising. Finding out who I am through all the pain I went through really does change the way you see yourself. I will become the person that God created me to be.

I only believe and follow Jesus Christ' words. Anybody else is leading you to heartbreak, failure, death. They are men seeking control or esteem. Even if they're advice is good— it ultimately leads to death unless they listen to Christ.

All these kind of things such as love, self discipline, hope, joy, you’ll receive if you surrender to Jesus, I’m saying that because we inherited a rebellious nature from the beginning that has first to be put to death, put to the cross and then will come alive hope, self discipline, love, satisfaction. I don’t say this video is wrong but I’m just adding to you the easiest way to get all these things in our life.

Laziness is the only bug that robs us from being the person we wanna be.
Kill that thought set your mind right take action and see what happens. Gotta be ready to cut some people out of your lives. I have and its gotten me where I am at now. Now I gotta stay strong and and faithful in what I am doing with my book and my website I still have to work to get those achieved and stop listening to nay sayers.

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